Mattick's Farm

Taking Lochside Drive and staying on the marked Lochside Regional Trail route approximately 45 min to 1 hour south (14 km), you will reach Mattickā€™s Farm shops, restaurants and mini-golf.

 Route is a marked regional bicycle route on paved roadswith high cycle traffic in warm weather.

Taking Lochside Regional Trail south for 15 km (approximately 1 hour), you can reach these large connected lakes visible from the Patricia Bay Highway into Victoria. Things to do here include swimming and hanging out on the constructed sand beaches (Elk Lake and Hamster Beach entrances), trail walking and picnicking, or watching the rowers. There are children's playgrounds and washrooms near the beaches.

The closer Hamster Beach entrance (point B) is a short detour right onto Hunt Road, continuing onto Sayward Road, then into the Hamsterly Beach parking lot. From Hamsterly Beach, take the park trail 3 km to reach the main Elk Lake site entrance.

 Most of the route is paved Lochside Regional Trail, but Sayward Road is a wide busy shared road. The trail to the Elk Lake Beach is a multiuse crushed gravel/dirt trail which may require walking at points to share the trail with horses and pedestrians.