Quick Pedals

If you just want to take a cruise around residential Sidney, you can cover the town in about an hour, but it's more fun to take more time!

Most shops and cafes in Sidney are within the downtown core, a 3 by 7 block area centred on the 'main drag' of Beacon Avenue, and bounded by James White Boulevard/Sidney Ave on the north, and Bevan Ave on the south. The Downtown core has a one - way shared lane (farthest right lane) down Beacon Avenue to the waterfront, but all other roads are sharing the shoulder with parked cars and traffic; bike lanes are marked in many locations, but discontinuous.

Approximately 10 min from downtown Sidney across the highway at Beacon Avenue, you will find more cafes and restaurants, and a bike path around the airport. Circle back over the McDonald Park overpass, checking out the view of the old racetrack from the top.

The route below takes you outside of Sidney along a paved cycling/walking trail around the airport. The airport museum, Patricia Bay, and Reay Creek park are nice stops along the way. 

The 10 km bike path around the airport is shared with pedestrians - joggers, dogwalkers, and scooters. Parts of the route on Beacon Avenue, Ocean Avenue West,West Saanich Road, East Saanich Road and Canora prior to rejoining the bike path  are paved shared shoulders with cars.