Local Sights

North Saanich Farm Loop

The trail around the airport will take you out to Patricia Bay and around to the Airport Museum and Reay Creek (~10 km full loop). If you turn right (North) at West Saanich Road instead, you can head through the Tseycum First Nation along the bay to Deep Cove, a longer route described below.

If you leave the trail, and bike south along West Saanich Rd, you will take a scenic tour of farmlands (~12 km circle starting at the Mary Winspear including part of the airport loop). The bike lane or a wide shoulder are present to McTavish Rd, and the road becomes narrow and steep into Brentwood Bay beyond that point.

Parts of the route on Beacon Avenue, Ocean Avenue West,West Saanich Road, East Saanich Road and Canora prior to rejoining the bike path  are paved shared shoulders with cars.


A nice, mostly flat, 30-45 min ride (9 km) south down the Lochside Trail will take you to Mt Newton X Road, then west into Saanichton and more restaurants and shops, including the Prairie Inn pub. Two blocks north of the Prairie Inn on East Saanich Road, you may get lucky and find the Saanichton Pioneer Museum open.

This route can be expanded to include a 4 km loop out to Sea Cider (Wallace Road is generally more bike friendly, though an earlier turn off at Central Saanich Road following the winery signs will get you there, too).

This route includes marked bike lanes on shared roadways, and wide road with shared shoulder.

North Saanich/ Deep Cove Loop

A 30 min ride (7 km)north, hillier, but picturesque, into Deep Cove will take you to the Deep Cove Market and St John's United church where the North Saanich Farmer's Market is held on Saturdays.

This route can be expanded to include Deep Cove Winery.

West Saanich Road and McDonald Park Road have a marked bike lane on a shared roadway, and Wain Road is a wide road with a shared shoulder.