Tourist Attractions

Butchart Gardens and the Butterfly Gardens

To reach Butchart Gardens from Sidney,  leave at least an hour. While West Saanich Rd is a potential picturesque route, part of it is narrow and very hilly, so we recommend the less strenuous and better marked Wallace Rd route (~14) km). Alternatively, you can take a slightly longer (adds ~2 km) route staying on Lochside Regional trail until Mount Newton X Road, turning right, then travelling into Saanichton (see Saanichton maps) to join the Wallace Rd route again.

You will reach the Butterfly Gardens (point B) on Bienvenuto Ave about 2 km before you reach Butchart Gardens (point C).

This route is mostly shared roadway, with marked bike lane along Lochside Drive and Mount Newton Crossroad.

Heritage Acres

Approximately 8.5 km south of Sidney along the Lochside Trail - no turnoffs! - you'll find Heritage Acres run by the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (point B). 

You can stop for a bite at the Harvest Road Farm to Table Grill at Michell's Farm two minutes further south (point C).

This route is approximately half separate bike/pedestrian path (paved) and  half marked bike lane on shared roadway.